All These Horrors



I’m not sure if you’ve stumbled across it yet but I’ve included the video for All These Horrors below. The video was made by the very talented Belfast animator Richard Davis.

You can also get an insight into myself and my music and in particular the meaning behind All These Horrors through a recent interview with Music Musings and Such –

“Around the time of the post 9/11 Iraq war, I shared a house in Belfast with three other guys; one of whom was obsessed with the twenty-four-seven news coverage. I was working long continental shifts in a horrible plastics factory and would arrive home to my friend’s passionate update on what the troops had been up to. I conveyed my fears to him regularly and joked that they’d find me surrounded by a wall stomping my grounds with a double-barreled shot-gun. Nobody gets in, nobody gets out.

As we all know, things haven’t improved much since then so the images and the lyrical content built up over the years – and fell out when the right riff fell into my lap.”

Full interview here

Again I’d love to hear your feedback/comments.

Stay safe and happy and thanks for the support.

Rory Lavelle.