Bill Withers

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THE INFLUENCE OF BILL WITHERS STRIVING FOR INTEGRITY I wished this guy a Happy Birthday recently through a cover of ‘Use Me’ here Bill Withers’ music grabbed me first and when I read into the guy it developed my appreciation for his ethos. Finding musical success later in life than most, at 32, he has said […]

Who is Rory Lavelle?

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I’ve had a lot of queries recently about who I am, where I’m from etc. All very flattering but I rarely feel comfortable talking about myself so there’s little info out there to be found. I put that down to being from Co Fermanagh where humility is in the tap water! Besides, if I disclosed […]

All These Horrors

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Hi!   I’m not sure if you’ve stumbled across it yet but I’ve included the video for All These Horrors below. The video was made by the very talented Belfast animator Richard Davis. You can also get an insight into myself and my music and in particular the meaning behind All These Horrors through a recent interview with […]